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PlayStation 4 system software v1.70 update starts rolling out

Sony PlayStation 4 system software v1.70 update starts rolling out

Sony finally revealed a full list of features that the PlayStation 4 (PS4) users can expect from the firmware update v1.70, which is set to roll out on Wednesday. The firm also gave some information on updates for the PS Vita and PS App.

Detailed by John Koller, VP of Platforms Marketing, SCEA, on the PS blog, the PS4 system software update v1.70 includes new 'share' option settings, which enables users to change the default duration of recording gameplay videos under video clip settings option; save select screenshots and video clips along with the option of uploading both during the gameplay; and select specific Facebook users to share the gameplay content.

The PlayStation 4 users would also be receiving a DualShock 4 controller update which will allow users to set the light bar of the controller in bright, medium or dim mode, along with the option to navigate the on-screen keyboard via the DualShock 4 touchpad.

The PlayStation 4 system software v1.70 update additionally includes the options to easily find friends, mutual friends or even friends of friends and send then requests; the ability to sort trophies by rarity; alternate payment methods (APMs) including PayPal support when purchasing PS content from the store; more voice commands for the PlayStation Camera; and the sharing of favourite music via the 'Share' button from the PS4's DualShock 4 controller.

With the v1.70 update, PlayStation Plus members will additionally see a PS Plus icon appearing next to their SEN ID, home screen, and other pages.

Out of the number of features detailed by Sony, we already know about its three most important features about which the firm briefed on its PlayStation blog couple of weeks ago.

The SHAREfactory feature has been highlighted as a major part of the upcoming PlayStation 4 v1.70 system update that enables users to capture their gameplay footage and merge all of them in one video. The SHAREfactory video editor app for PS4 additionally lets users personalise the video by adding filters; use transitions and themes; add texts, sticker and audio; share them on social networks; and export videos to an external USB storage.

The v1.70 update would allow gamers to turn-off HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) that will in turn let them record and share longer gameplay clips via the HDMI output.

Furthermore, the Sony PlayStation 4 v1.70 system update also brings the auto-preload compatibility. This feature would download pre-ordered games nearing their release several days before they actually get released and unlocked on the consoles. This function is expected to save some time of the gamers and let them access the game more easily on launch day.

The PlayStation Blog added that the users will be able to archive Twitch broadcasts in an upcoming update, separate from v1.70, a much requested feature according to Sony. Twitch broadcasts will be available in a 720p resolution.

Sony will also roll-out an update to its PlayStation Vita portable gaming console. The update v3.15 would include Automatic Device Registration, which will pair both PS Vita and PS4 devices when online and signed in by the same user. This would give access to Remote Play and other second screen features.

The PlayStation App would also be updated to version 1.70 that would enable users to keep push notifications for specific PS4 updates, game alerts, gameplay invitations or friend requests. The Friend requests can also be received via email or texts. The app update would also let user easily change their profile picture either from device's camera or via user's photo-library.

Source: NDTV Gadgets