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About Ladiz Electronic

Our Main Philosophy

Qualified people;

The most valuable asset of a company. This is still the main vision of our group of companies


Going International

By employing international expertise we grew international and got many leading international clients.


Joy of Becoming No.1

We could hit the ambitious target of becoming No.1 in Advertising & Marketing in less than 10 years(1964-1974).


A Turning Point

  • Entering the challenging world of Chemicals/ Petrochemicals.
  • Entering the fascinating world of Electronics / Telecommunications / Entertainments.
  • Diversification of our Activities.
  • Formation of “Caspian Group of Companies”.


Caspian Inc Electronic Divisions

As our business grew, we felt  the need to expand by adding an electronic division to Caspian Group by establishing two new companies:

  • Caspian Electronic
  • Ladiz Electronic


Ladiz Electronic Co.

Ladiz Electronic Co. Was established in 2008, this young member of the Group is now the biggest distributor of telecommunication, electronic and entertainment products from the world leading manufacturers.

We have all the necessary distribution and sales channels being acquired by our long experience in this field.


Main Brands We Represent

Telecommunication, CCTV, network IP camera & surveillance
Sony Entertainment
Play station (PS2, PS3,PS4, PSP), and other products
Microsoft & Logitech Game consoles, hardware and software
Alcatel Home &Business Phones
Apple iPod , iPad, iPhone
Gigaset Telecommunication
Euro Quantum Game & computer  accessories, CCTV


Our Strength Points

  •  Marketing
  •  Solution Making
  • Efficient and effective customer relation management (CRM)

Our expertise, and wide range of solutions based on global standards enabled us to get more customers with diversified tastes.


Our Mission

To provide first-class customer services

Customer service is an integral part of our job, that is why:

  • We have an official after-sales and guarantee license, with spacious building dedicated to our after-sales services.
  • We are currently the only company providing a one-year warranty on all our products.
  • Trained and qualified technicians and experts holding the necessary certificates have been hired to render the most excellent services.


Our Presence in All Main Chain Stores Throughout the Country


Public Advertisement

Our weekly full page advertisements for our products in the most circulated newspaper in Iran, “Hamshahri”.